Sharing Food: from pictures to people

The act of sharing dates back to the formative development years in early childhood. We learn to share our crayons, our thoughts and our emotions. These days, the digital era has taken sharing… Continue reading

Keepin’ ’em keen with Paula Deen memes

Deep fried cheesecake may be a recipe for a heart attack. But it’s not the Weight Watchers revolt that’s been the target of Paula Deen’s Internet fame. The celebrity chef, who launched her… Continue reading

Mobiles at the Table

Hospitality is declining. In restaurants around the world, a face-to-face exchange is reduced to mumbled words and a customer’s reflection off a screen. Mobiles are nearly in everyone’s back pocket, but they’re the… Continue reading

Copyright, Lepard and the Big Bad Publisher

Many Australians may be familiar with celebrity Australian chef, Dan Lepard. His television show airs nationally and his cookbooks stock shelves around the world. But what you might not know about Lepard is… Continue reading

The Cost of Becoming a Master Chef

 ‘Scampi with Textures of Barley’ may sound like a dish off a Blumenthal menu, but there’s no Heston in the MasterChef Australia kitchen. Instead, you’ll find Chef Brent Owens, the season six champion,… Continue reading

More than just a food blog

In 2010, The Sydney Morning Herald published an article on the rise of food criticism from a profession of exclusivity to a mainstream hobby. That year, 660 Australian blogs were dedicated to the appreciation… Continue reading